Monthly Archives: September 2010

This was my first beach wedding and I must say I love the casual atmosphere of a beach wedding. There were on lookers who decided to sit upon the sand hills and watch the ceremony, it was a perfect day. It was a tad windy but I was glad that when it was time to do the bride and grooms pictures the wind seemed to settle. Perfect. Enjoy your pictures Lyle and Sherry, congratulations.

I was a bit worried that being a September wedding we would run the chance of having cooler weather. Well not today, the weather was *perfect* for this awesome day! I knew when I met with Carrie that she was an easy going and relaxed girl so it was no surprise when I met Aaron that he had these same qualities. These two were made for each other, and compliment each other perfectly. Thanks you Carrie and Aaron for allowing me to capture these beautiful moments on your wedding day. I would also like to thank my friend Ann from Images by Ann for helping me capture some of the images from this day.

I truly love my job as a photographer and how it reconnects and connects me with new friends and old. I went to grade school with Kathy at a very modestly sized Catholic school, when I say modest, I think we only had just about 100 students. Kathy was a few grades below me but I knew who she was, of course how couldn’t you know everyone when the school was so darn small. Even then I remember those beautiful eyes of hers that would smile when she smiled. I was so excited to when she contacted me to do her wedding, she scared me a bit with her warning about her husband dislike of being in front of the camera. But in the end we had a great