Monthly Archives: October 2010

I hope everyone is excited about this because I am! The infamous “what do I wear” question, answered. I usually tell families, coordinating but not matching…….so hard to visualize, I know. Well no longer do you have to wonder what “coordinating” but not “matching” or “textures” and “colours” look like, because now you can see it for yourself. Even if you don’t shop at The Gap or Old Navy, I find that just seeing the different styles will helps you decide the look you would like for your family. I will periodically update my “What to Wear” posts, in hopes that it saves you some stress for your photo session!

I so promised myself I was NOT going to go over board posting a gazillion photos from each shoot….but, there was so many good ones!! Plus all the Fall colours… beautiful! It was so nice to see this family again. I met them just under a year ago to do Christmas pictures of the boys. Well they’ve sure grown and changed alot, the “shy” one is no longer shy, but a little comedian:)

Maybe it’s because my 3 kids all have brown eyes that I just LOVE blue eyes so much! These beauties are my nieces and nephew, aren’t they adorable? I seriously cannot get over how much older they are looking, and how much more mature they look. It was a beautiful Fall evening and I really enjoyed working with these munckins!

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Kayden. I met him when he was just 3 weeks old, and did his infant pictures. He was a good little guy back then and still is now! He has the most “sheepness” little grin ever and did a great job! Here are some sneak peaks!