Monthly Archives: February 2011

Talk about cute! I just love how in this first picture of these cuties they all have such different and unique looks. These kids were a lot of fun, although I feel like I may repeat myself in posts, I truly enjoy working with children so much and get a kick out of the reactions I get from them and the connections I make with them.

These beauties are my best friend Roxanne’s children and her sweet niece:) A bit about “Miss Rox”…. she has been right beside me through my journey into photography, supporting me every step of the way. She is a big advocate for my photography and is always spreading the word, very cool friend indeed. She has encouraged me and helped me make some important decisions, and I thank her for that:) Thanks for being a great friend and for helping me follow my heart and my passion for photography…..XOXOXO, Mel

Kevin and Kayla were so much fun to work with, I knew they would be! We got off to a bit of a muddy start though. Kayla and Kevin, both dog lovers, brought their farm dogs along as company for the photoshoot… the bush….near a large muddy swamp….need I say more? I actually was scared as I heard Kayla gasp in horror as this unrecognizable animal came charging at me, I seriously was almost scared for my life….I’m deathly afraid of dogs especially ones that look like rabid wolves. As my heart skipped a few beats I realized that this rabid animal was actually Kevin and Kayla’s German shepherd covered, and I mean COVERED, in a swampy mess of guck and mud! The photoshoot resumed about 1/2 hour later after the dogs were taken back home. Once things settled down we had a great time and Kevin was an awesome trooper! They are such a dynamic couple and got hitched this New years. I would have loved to capture their special day but liked that I could be a guest! Andrea Husted from Splash Photography did an amazing job capturing their wedding day. It was nice seeing you again Andrea!

If you look closely you can see that Kayla is covered in mud! Good sport…..she was laughing the entire time.

I had alot of fun working with this family! These kiddies were all so close in age….. almost forgot how busy it can be the closer in they are. I had a great workout by the end of our session and was so pleased with the results. This wonderful family was so full of love and it showed!

These beautiful and silly children are my nieces and nephew. I love capturing siblings interacting with each other and doing what they do best…….being silly. I had a great time photographing them as I always do:)