Monthly Archives: June 2011

What started out looking as a day of rain turned out to be the perfect day for Tyson & Jessica. I’ll have to admit I was a bit worried as the ceremony was being held out doors. I was in awe of how calm Jessica was, I would’ve been a wreck! Here is a sneak speak of the day highlighting some special moments!


One word for this shoot, FUN! I was hired to take photographs of this group of fun and carefree gals for Prom 2011. I called up a good friend of mine, Roxanne, and asked her if she would like to come along. Heck what better way to live vicariously through the lives of these teenage girls on prom night! It’s all you could do to hold us back from hopping on that party bus and hitchin’ a ride to prom. We had a lot of fun and I know these girls are dying to see some pictures, so here they are!


Check out the sweet lips on this little guy! I love how peaceful and serene he looks in all of the pictures. Congrats Tina & Craig you’ve got yourselves one handsome little man and now have the million dollar family!