Yearly Archives: 2011

It was a pleasure meeting Mr. Ryan for his 1 year pictures! He was a very active little man and had me and mom working our tails of to keep him in place. Got to love this age when everything is about exploring! Enjoy your sneak peaks Derek & Karen!


Some lucky mom is going to win a free “Mommy + Me” Mini session for her and her kiddies!. Ah, I wish I could win this as I have hardly any pictures of me with my children. I think moms are so busy behind the camera they often aren’t in any pictures with their children. I’m so excited for this give away as I know one lucky mom is going to have an extra special Mother’s Day this year! Contest details are below.


Where does the time go? I went to bed last night thinking about my kids and how I want them to stop growing…. like desperately want them to stop! I want to remember everything about them and the only way to do that is to take pictures. This is something I CAN do, obviously. It is hard to s.l.o.w. down and realize that I need to pick up my camera and snap away. I don’t just want to take pictures though, I want to capture stages and milestones. Favourite blankets, shows, games, looks and laughs. It is my job to do this and do it more diligently. A promise I am making to myself and my family. So here is the first of many “Simply Mine” posts about me and my family!

So for my first {Simply Mine} post, is my son Levi and his obsession with a French Canadian Cartoon, “Cailou”. Although Cailou does annoy me a tad bit, I have grown to “like” him simply because of my sons love of the show and his sudden outburst of laughter. He has the best laugh E.V.E.R.! Next purchase on my list….. a new video camera to capture that laugh!


What an amazing experience photographing a birth! Although I was very emotional when I first stepped into the birthing room, I pulled it together just fine. To see life come into the world is indescribable. I’m In awe of how in control Cindy remained. This is something I can definitely see myself doing more often. Congrats Cindy and Paul. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of Vincent’s birth! Your friend, Mel XOXOX