Yearly Archives: 2012

The weather this year kept me on my toes! I managed to fit in all of my morning sessions before the rain came, but was left with the rest of the month to fit in the afternoon sessions. Well our next 2 rain dates we were rained out again! I was left trying to fit families in where ever I could in my schedule. All in all we ended up with some pretty amazing photos of some pretty amazing families. Meeting new families and working with some of my past clients was awesome.

Among this time of joy as Christmas is approaching, I am continually reminded of how fortunate I am that my family is in good health. I am also reminded of the less fortunate whose lives have been affected by the “C” word. This vicious disease of Cancer has inflicted the lives of so many around me. It seems as though I am hearing about families affected by this disease on a weekly basis, and my heart breaks.

I was speaking with my mom a few weeks back and she told me about a fellow she works with. A fellow who is a hard worker, a fellow who is one of the nicest people you could meet, a fellow that no matter how hard things are, he manages to smile, and a fellow whose life has been overhauled viciously by Cancer. Miguel Castillo and his wife Idalia years ago, tragically lost their only son at the age of 5 to leukemia. Today they are the proud parents of their sweet 16 year old daughter, Lolita. A daughter which they obviously have held so near and dear to them. Recently Lolita had been diagnosed with a brain tumour, a cancerous brain tumour. The news to Miguel and Idalia was devastating. To date Lolita has had 4 surgeries and endured chemotherapy and radiation treatments. The tumour again has returned and she is scheduled for another surgery on December 12, 2012. My heart breaks for this family.

Of course Lolita’s parents want to spend every minute they can with her. Recently being transferred to Toronto sick kids Hospital it has been financially difficult for Miguel and Idalia to be by their daughter’s side. Any way that I can help I will.

Being raffled to raise funds for Miguel and his family is a photo session with myself. Tickets are $10 for 3 ballots and all proceeds will be given to Miguel and his family so that they may be by Lolita’s side. The draw will be on Dec 19, 2012. Tickets can be purchased through anyone who works at “Autoneum” (previously Mastico) here in Tillsonburg, or you can contact me at to purchase tickets or call me at 519-842-6782. Payments or donations will also be accepted through e-transfer using the email address,

*photo session will be for up to 5 members of the same family.

When we moved from Howard’s Road to Michael’s Lane we were a bit skeptical of having neighbours so close…….and really we aren’t “that” close, but still it was a change for us. See, my husband, an old farm boy in nature, struggled with the idea of moving from a 27 acre hobby farm, to a 1 acre lot closer to town. I think he went through farm boy with drawl, no joke. Directly behind us, and up the hill, lived our neighbour, Melissa. Full of energy, positivity and life, I thought, this is the kind of neighbour I’d be happy to have. The kind of neighbour, where if you ever needed anything you could call upon her. It has been 6 years since we moved to Michael’s Lane, and me and Mel have become good friends. She has watched my youngest son Levi since he was 2, and I always fully trusted that he was in great hands. Sharing our ups and downs, I knew from the minute I met her, that she would be the perfect neighbour for me. So on that note, here is Mel and her beautiful kids!

I have been so busy this year and have the best intentions of keeping you all updated on my blog with what I am working on. I’ve kind of “slipped” up a bit but will be working hard this Winter trying to play catch up! With that said her is little Miss Ada and her gorgeous mom! Sweet as could be we had an amazing session and lots of cuddle time.