Monthly Archives: July 2012

I was excited to get together with Natalie of Mint Photography, be sure to check her out her work is amazing:) We met for coffee and a fun evening of head shots. The light was gorgeous and we captured some very nice shots of each other. I’m always reminded of how great the photography industry is simply by the amazing people that I meet. Natalie is super sweet, honest, fun, quirky and sincere. I love this about her and am so happy that our paths have crossed. Here are some of the shots I got of Natalie on this gorgeous June evening:)

I must admit that when ever I get the call to let me know that my birth moms are in active labor that I go into freak out mode. My heart starts pounding and there is this sense of urgency. I knew when I got the call from Bob that Toni was in labor and 8cm that I better get my you know what a crackin’. So there I am packing my camera bag at 2:00 a.m. or so and the electricity goes out. Not only did the electricity go out, but the moon was literally non existent that night. It was pitch black as I’m fumbling my way around the house with my iphone flashlight app, lol. Needless to say I made it to Bob & Tonni’s house with about one hour to spare before beautiful Miss Blythe made her grand entrance. Toni’s birth was all natural and beautiful to witness. Thanks so much Tonni for choosing me to photograph the birth of Blythe. Tonni is also an amazing photographer out of Aylmer Ontario which is why I was so honored to be asked to photograph Blythe’s birth. You can find some of Tonni’s work HERE

With 4 big brothers to welcome him home Mr. Peydon will be well taken care of. I think by now mom is used to all the testosterone in the house and will have lots of help around the house so that she will be able to sneak out and get some much needed girl time! Congratulations on your little man, Peydon, he’s a keeper!