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Oh how I love seeing my little clients grow!  I photographed Oliver’s newborn photos  a little over a year ago.  He was a good little boy then and still is now.  I was saying to mom how it is so incredible that from Oliver’s newborn photos up until now I can still tell it’s him as he still has the same features.  Some people will comment on how all babies look the same, not for me.  I notice every little feature about them and how they are all so different and unique!


I decided to try something new this year and offer Easter Sessions. I loved all the colour and cuteness in my studio, and it definitely helped to remind me that Spring is just around the corner, right?! Please someone convince me of this;)So here are some of my favs of the day. Ninja kid, karate chopping……..that would be my son Levi showing off his moves. Got to love it!