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As I’m sitting here adjusting to the cooler weather, (with a heating pad on my lap) I am reminded of how quickly time flies and how instantly seasons seem to come and go. It seems like yesterday I was in full swing, trying to catch up on all of my work (haha, never happened), in preparation for being home with my kids all Summer long. Then I was anxiously waiting for the children to return to school in hopes that once again, I could catch up on my work (never happened, surprise surprise, hehe). And here I sit as we are ending the month of October, writing this blog post realizing that Christmas is just around the corner, ahhhhh!

I have the unique opportunity as a photographer to freeze time. Time that otherwise seems lost. I will often sit and look at images of my family. Images where I know in that time of my life I was overwhelmed, over worked, maybe not as good of a mother, wife or friend as I wanted to be. Looking back on the images where I can see the smiles on my children’s faces, the hugs from friends, or that look my husband gives me, all reminds me that times are good and I have a lot to be grateful for.

The DeLeye Family just rocked their session. There was never a moment when I encouraged “connection”, it was all just there. I know that mom and dad are super busy working their tails off, and I was so inspired by their willingness to let all stressors go and just “be”. What a gift to look back on your images, in what seems like the blur of life, and remember that you are and were a family unit amongst the chaos of life!



Meet the Dart family.  Possibly the most relaxed, laid back and easy-going family I have met!  I learned quickly that I did not need to remind mom and dad of how to let things transpire naturally or to not micro manage their little ones.  The Darts were all about capturing the “realness” of their family and had no expectations of how their shoot should go.  This made my job super easy and the photo shoot very relaxed and enjoyable.  It was a pleasure meeting the Dart’s and I look forward to our next easy-going, relaxed and laid back photo session!