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Mini sessions are coming October 2nd and everyone is going to be wondering what to wear! Well here it is, get inspired by the colours and textures provided here. It helps sometimes to see exactly what “coordinating” but not matching means. I’m a visual person as I’m sure a lot of others are, and it make much more sense to me once I see something….then I know exactly what it means!

I am loving this months “what to wear” guide! It’s a perfect example again of the advice I give families or couples, “coordinating but not matching”. Easier said than done I know, but I really think having a visual helps to figure out this concept.

Well with Spring quickly approaching, I say this as I’m grumbling under my breath…. if it ever gets here, I have a new What to Wear post to share! I’m loving the fact that I will be able to point my clients in this direction when they are stuck with “What to Wear”. I’m really digging that my What to Wear guide so perfectly demonstrates “coordinating” but not “matching”. Enjoy!


It’s been an amazing year! I’m sharing the last “What to Wear” post for 2010. It’s even given me great ideas on how to dress my kids for the Christmas season. Enjoy.